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The Jewellery Distributors' Association of the United Kingdom (JDA) is a trade body that represents wholesalers, distributors and importers of precious and non-precious (fashion) jewellery and watches and can trace its roots back to 1893. It is one of five trade associations within the British Allied Trades Federation Ltd (BATF).

  • The JDA affords companies in the industry the opportunity to meet together to discuss matters of concern, to decide the way forward and to gain the support of others, knowing that their efforts will be properly co-ordinated.
  • It allows members to decide upon a raft of services that would benefit their businesses except that, with the collective buying power of a trade body, those services can be negotiated at a much lower cost. These include credit and debit card processing, agents' and principals' contracts, group health care, international payments, credit checking, free legal advice line and so on.
  • There are other benefits such as discounts or rebates on trade fair fees; information about new legislation, intellectual property protection etc - the list is as long as the members want it to be.
  • One of the most important roles of the JDA is to lobby government on regulations which may affect the industry. Sometimes this merely involves a letter to the DTI; other times it involves meetings with our counterparts in other countries, with those in the EU, with ministers, MPs and so on. This can be costly and government prefers the collective, co-ordinated, approach.
  • Marketing is another place where we can assist. The JDAs web site which lists members and of course has the ability to enhance their details and feature products, is a very popular tool for those seeking products and the suppliers of brands (and for those selling them of course). We have a telephone enquiry line, an email newsletter and the web site has a "members only" facility where they can discuss issues amongst themselves.
  • There is always something coming up to test our minds. The new WEEE and RoHS Directives and REACH, Toy Safety generally, Phthalates in Toys, nickel, cadmium and lead are just a few as well as the long-standing Hallmarking regulations. Members import anything that enhances their ranges including items which may be "child appealing" which all have to be tested.
  • We have good relationships with a number of laboratories who help us with technical data sheets advice to members and can advise on the appropriate tests for their products - expensive but necessary.
  • The Secretariat knows its members' business and a problem experienced by one member has often been experienced by another with the result that a winning strategy has often already been tried and tested.

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